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Welcome to tallintokyo. We write about our life and adventures since we moved to Japan. Have a nice stay!

The Upcoming Adventure

The upcoming adventure. What adventure? Whos adventure? What is this whole homepage about?

Maybe let's start with the who: We, that is me and my wife Katharina, are a relatively young couple from Austria. We got married recently and now are starting into our life together. And this basically is, what this site is about. Now, you might say: well the life of a random couple, what should be interesting about that? Here the adventure part comes in: since I got a job offer in Tokyo, I will move there for work. Thankfully my wife decided to come with me and managed to organise a student exchange year at a university in Tokyo. 

This might still not be to interesting for everybody, but we decided, that a blog might be the right outlet to work through all our experiences moving to Japan. We will do our best to document our struggles as best as we can - and since we are both interested in photography there probably will be some mediocre pictures to go with our stories.

The interesting part will start when we arrive in Japan on September 16th, until then we will be quite busy clearing out our flats, saying a lot of good byes to friends and family, organising everything we need for the flight, packing the essentials and so forth. In short: we are wrapping up our life in Austria and preparing for our new one in Japan. 

I hope that our journey will provide interesting material for other people undertaking similar adventures and maybe provide a little entertainment to others. We really enjoyed a lot of the material from Texan in Tokyo and Abroad in Japan. So if you are interested in Japan and enjoy either goofy or dry british humour, make sure to check them out as well!

So long, Peter

Wherever you go go with all your heart.